Everyone is aware of the pandemic that has been hitting humanity since December 2019 caused by a virus, COVID19.

To prevent its spread, several Nations have taken draconian measures aimed at limiting physical contact. Among these measures is containment.

Activities are almost stopped, everyone is at home … the world is almost stopped.

So it’s a breeding ground for some to grow in faith, but for some also to lose their faith.

The Bible says in Joshua 1: 8

“ This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”

So no matter prevaoling times and circumstances, as christians we are called to meditate regularly on God’s word.

This is how it seemed to us opportune to share with the People of God, these 10 keys to properly meditate on the word of God in this time of confinement.

What it means to meditate ? 

To meditate is to mull over the Word of God.

We “ruminate” on the word in order to soak it in our hearts.

To meditate is to read the Bible to hear God speaking to us live. It’s reading to listen to God.

To meditate is to catch at a portion from the Bible and mentally apply it to one’s own circumstances over and over again, until that passage permanently marks our consciousness.

It’s taking time to visualize the promise of God, until it becomes a reality in us in order to put it to work in our life. (Romans 4: 13-25)

It’s the spiritual exercise which allows you to digest the Word well, to assimilate little by little the teachings of God to apply them in the situations of your life.

When you meditate on the Word of God, the thought of God then shapes your mind. And God can change your mind and renew your thoughts.

Also the level of the manifestation of God in your life corresponds to the level of the Word of God in your heart.

But let’s find out together how to do it:

  1. Settle in a favorable place

Sit out of the noise and bustle. Seek peace.

It is helpful to set up a place that is really quiet, but it is also necessary to ask the Lord to keep all distractions from your mind.

For Isaac, his secret place to meet God was a field. Genesis 24:63.

Give yourself time to be quiet within yourself.

It often takes 20 minutes or more for me.

Pray and invite the Lord to speak to you and guide you.

Pray that the pervasive ideas of the world around you, the flesh or the bad, will spread and dedicate your spirit to receive the holy thoughts of the Holy Spirit.

  1. First, start with prayer. Call upon God before opening the Bible.

Let’s always approach the Bible in a spirit of prayer and faith because God is the author of the Bible.

He is therefore the best person to tell us what he is talking about.

Pray to ask for the discernment of the Holy Spirit. Psalm 119: 18

Invoke Him to lead you and speak to you through his word.

Ask the Holy Spirit for help, because you cannot and will not be able to understand the word of God without the help of the Holy Spirit.

When we open the Word of God, we often find it difficult to collect our thoughts to focus on the passage or subject that we intend to study.

Pray to ask the Lord to help you focus.

Pray to ask for the discernment of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Choose a portion to read and meditate.

You can choose to meditate on a portion of God’s word that you will choose consciously.

Choose a portion that seems most suitable for what you are currently experiencing.

Or you can also let the text come to you by simply flipping through your Bible or hovering here and there, until one sentence touches you more than the others, until you feel it is passage you need right now.

  1. Read the passage selected more than once and underline the verses that particularly affect you during this reading.
  1. Pay attention to the meaning of words, the time of verbs etc … and listen to the Spirit.

Hear the thoughts of God and the singular explanations of the Holy Spirit.

Meditation allows for attentive listening to the Word of God, not only with the head, but with the heart.

  1. Read each sentence of the text several times, trying to understand its meaning. For that you will have to interrogate the passage.

When we approach the Bible with questions, It will always answer us. Jer. 33: 3.

You should ask questions that will help you better understand the selected passage.

Examples of questions to ask yourself during your meditation:

  1. What does the passage teach us about God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit?
  2. Is there an example to follow or not to follow?
  3. Is there a warning to obey?
  4. Is there a command that I must obey?
  5. Is there a promise I should believe?
  6. Are there any truths that God reveals to me in this passage?
  7. Are there other similar biblical passages?
  8. Does the text suggest a blessing that I could enjoy?
  9. Does the text suggest a new attitude that I should adopt?
  10. Does the text give me an example of a decision I should make?
  11. Does the text tell me something to pray about for myself or someone else?
  12. Does the text show me one or more sins to avoid?

In a nutshell, learn to question the text that you read or study in order to draw a practical application, something to obey and change in your life.

  1. Attach everything you receive as revelation to our own life

Seek to see how you can apply what you have discovered in your life.

Ask the Holy Spirit how to integrate the word of God into your life, career, or family.

See if you are in tune with what is said or if you are totally moving away from it.

Confront your own personality with the word of God you have chosen and you will learn a lot about yourself.

  1. Learn from your meditation and write down your resolutions. Share the truths received. Habakkuk 2: 1−3.
  1. Confess all your iniquities that you remember. Take the time to confess your sins and pray for your resolutions.

Transform into lessons the lessons learned during meditation on the Word of God.

Pray to recommend your life, family and career in the hands of God. Put into practice what you have learned. James 1: 22-25.

  1. Pray for the requests that are on your prayer list.

Conclude by giving thanks to the Lord for this enriching moment.

Praise God for what He has done in you.

Thank God for all the revelations, the wisdom He has given you.

By taking meditation on a passage and understanding the meaning the Holy Spirit wanted to give, we will be better able to keep the truths taught in our hearts to apply them in our everyday lives.

The Bible is food that takes time to absorb, transform your thoughts, shape your character, and motivate you to obey the Lord.

For that program, plan your moment of meditation.

Record it in your schedule during this time of confinement.

Remain forever blessed. Don’t hesistate to share this exhortation.

Pastor Ferdinand Tete


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Pst Ferdinand Tete

Winners Chapel International

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