The vision of Global Outreach Day is for every believer to share the Gospel on the last Saturday in May of each year. We encourage all Christians to share the Gospel with at least one person that day. GOD may be the first step towards a new witness lifestyle. The year it will be on Saturday, May 25, 2019.

Last years :

• Millions of Christians have shared the Gospel for the first time in their lives and continue to do so in their everyday lives

• More than 8 million people gave their lives to Jesus in this Day

• 190 million treaties were disseminated

• In the Dominican Republic, 1 million people received the Gospel and 33,000 new converts were baptized last year.

The whole Church is coming out – to a lost world! Mobilize and train your whole church to personal evangelism, then join millions of Christians around the world. Take part in the harvest of God! Everyone can talk about Him with their own way of doing things:

• Individually – Share the gospel with at least one person.

• Together – form small groups; Go where people are.

• Reach your surroundings – visit your neighborhood, cooperate with other local churches.

• Be concerned about others and sharing – Do something useful for the needy, then share the Good News with them.


We answer to a fundamental question.

Many have a misconception of service. Some people think that it is only in front of a church desk that one is qualified as true servant. You can commit to depopulating the dark camp by several means, some of which will surprise you. We present them in a non-exhaustive way in the following lines.

• The quality of your lifestyle. Zechariah 8: 23

As we saw earlier, at some moment just the quality of your lifestyle and the manifestation of the glory of God in your life will be enough to attract many to Christ. Just by the way you dress, talk, interact with people around you, by your reactions we know how to identify with you as a model Christian.

• By assisting the needy, the sick, prisoners Romans 12: 11-20

Some people will not need long persuasive speeches to come to Jesus Christ, just by your generous gesture and the work of the Holy Spirit their decision will be easy to make. Facing the hungry crowd, Jesus gave bread and fish. It is in this sense that the Apostle Paul recommends us to have the same sentiments that were in Christ.

• By your givings. Romans. 12: 6-8

You can serve God by giving for gospel activities, churches or associations working for the advancement of the kingdom of God on earth. It is in this that the alliance of financial prosperity is accomplished in your life. You can provide for travel, purchase of equipment, means of communication, etc.

• Prayer for the advancement of the kingdom 2 Thessalonians 3: 1-2

You can do it in a group or alone and anytime, in a taxi, in your vehicle while driving, in traffic jams, on the plane, in the subway, on a motorcycle … it all depends on your ability to connect to God by prayer no matter where. This is where the argument ‘I do not have the time’ advanced by some to justify their passivity to engage loses all meaning. Because the goal is not to act in the sense of being seen by men at all costs, but rather it is a question of acting firstly for the advancement of the kingdom through prayer in secret or in public. God will secretly see your prayers for the advancement of His kingdom and will hear them.

You can pray for various topics including:

– the massive salvation of souls

– the establishment of souls in the church of God

– a fresh word that establishes

– the divine direction in your activities

– the renewal of the force

– the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the field of harvest

– the manifestation of angels through the harvest field

– signs and wonders in the life of the redeemed

– the destruction of all the forces of darkness against conversion

– sustained growth of the church, body of Christ

– more commitment of passionate men in the field of harvest

– God arises men willing to give for the advancement of his kingdom

– May God raise the spiritual sensitivity of men to help the needy

– peace among the nations

– the economic boom of nations

– justice among the nations

– etc.

• by the composition, production or dissemination of hymns and Christian songs conveying the message of justice. Colossians 3: 16

• By producing or distributing Bibles or leaflets, flyers, books, magazines, theatrical plays or scenes conveying the message of salvation. Hebrews 13: 20-21

Envangelism in a market at Kinshasa, DRC

• by preaching or sharing the gospel Matthew 28: 19-20

We all know people who need to hear the good news of Christ, people who are desperate by the conditions of life, people who are stricken by the misery of sin. You do not have to ask yourself a thousand questions to identify your target. Glory to God for the era of technology in which we are, we can talk to many at the same time from a taxi, from our air-conditioned room contrary to what the Apostles lived. They were forced to make perilous journeys, frequent hostile areas and finally reach people to bring the good news. Above all, it is necessary to privilege prayer before and after all evangelical activity, so that the Holy Spirit, master of the harvest, may take care of the rest. Why do not you try to force the person in front of you to immediately accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

It is important to avoid debates about the gospel, to respect the opinions and beliefs of the person in front of you during the exchanges and to calibrate your speech so as to give confidence to the person in front of you .

As we have seen in the preceding points, in view of the current urgent situation, to continue to find reasons not to actively engage in the salvation of souls should not exist. It is high time to act. But it is nevertheless important to have an idea on the ground that can be exploited to carry out its evangelical activities.

Here are some practical channels and environments that you can use to proclaim the gospel.

• Virtual channels

– Individual or mass sms

– TV shows or radio

– Through the mass mailing

– Via a website, blog

– Social networks

– Etc.

• Physical channels



– Music

– Door to door

-Advertisement pannel

– Leaflets, flyers

Evangelize where?

Here are some places where you can do your evangelical activities using the virtual or physical channels mentioned above. In all these environments, there are many people who are not yet saved who are living in unimaginable situations and who urgently need to listen to the message of salvation.

As we go through the Holy Scriptures, we see how, under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ taught and testified to power from above in synagogues, public places, celebrations, weddings, occasions for mourning, in the persecution, facing the hungry, mounting, in the water, at the edge of the water, in full storm, on the eve of his crucifixion in the face of the sick or in foreign regions for the glory of God.

Matthew 24: 14

This good news of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world, to serve as a witness to all nations.

We understand that there is no region of the world or nation that should escape the announcement of the good news of salvation and that neither circumstances nor discomfort could stop Jesus’ zeal. -Christ, our perfect model. Thus, as ambassadors, we must at all times watch over our personal relationship with the Holy Spirit in order to guarantee the success of the evangelical activities that we are going to conduct regardless of the place and the circumstances.

The following environments can be exploited for your evangelical activities: in your family or circle of friends, in the taxi, on the metro, in the crossroads, on a cruise ship, in prisons, in schools, in universities, in your neighborhood, on the avenue, the street, in the churches, in the markets, in his workplace, in hospitals, in refugee camps, in restaurants, in orphanages, in houses housing people elderly or in hotels.

Jesus Christ is Lord!

You can contact us at email adress contact@nevourvaincre.com to share your experience.


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