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Christ Is Enough – Hillsong Worship


Christ is enough (Christ me suffit) Hillsong Worship Lyrics Paroles de chanson: Verset 1 Christ est ma récompense Et toute ma dévotion Maintenant, il n'y a rien dans ce monde Qui ne pourrait jamais me satisfaire Pré-refrain À chaque défi Mon âme va chanter Pas de retour en arrière J'ai été libéré Refrain Christ seul me suffit Christ seul me suffit Tout ce dont j'ai besoin est en toi Tout ce dont j'ai besoin Verset 2 Christ mon tout en tout Ma [...]

Christ Is Enough – Hillsong Worship2020-05-17T13:25:21+01:00

Lee’s testimony headled supernaturally from COVID19


Lee’s testimony headled supernaturally from COVID19 It was two nights particularly in the hospital when I honnestly didn’t know whether I would make it or not. Recently Lee was in hospital in critical condition with COVID19 I was under incredible pressure, Got drips up and all that they decided to do but I remember those nights particularly really crying out to the Lord and asked Him to help me. And I asked Him to even supernaturally just do something that would encourage me and bring me through. I remember the next day I [...]

Lee’s testimony headled supernaturally from COVID192020-05-17T13:25:28+01:00



10 KEYS TO PROPERLY  MEDITATE ON GOD’S WORD IN THIS CONTAINMENT TIME Everyone is aware of the pandemic that has been hitting humanity since December 2019 caused by a virus, COVID19. To prevent its spread, several Nations have taken draconian measures aimed at limiting physical contact. Among these measures is containment. Activities are almost stopped, everyone is at home ... the world is almost stopped. So it’s a breeding ground for some to grow in faith, but for some also to lose their faith. The Bible says in Joshua 1: 8 “ This [...]


Brooke Gabrielle Fraser Ligertwood Hillsong Singer


Presentation Brooke Gabrielle Fraser Ligertwood is a New Zealand singer-songwriter born on December 15, 1983. She has three albums to her credit, the third of which made her famous worldwide with the title "Something in the water". She is a member of the Australian Christian group Hillsong Worship. She sold nearly 200,000 copies of albums in her native country. Her beginnings In 2000, Brooke Fraser sang at "Parachute", an annual New Zealand music festival. She will do another performance later as guest in 2007. In 2002, while Fraser was in Auckland, Scotty Pearson, [...]

Brooke Gabrielle Fraser Ligertwood Hillsong Singer2020-08-05T22:43:18+01:00

How to bring God’s shower of blessings into my life


How to bring God’s shower of blessings into my life Some truths to know about the rain. Rain is defined as a natural process by which drops of water fall from the clouds to the ground. The rain comes to put an end to all forms of dryness When the rain falls, all earth, all space hit by dryness comes back to life because of the water, the vegetation comes back to life, the greenery takes place where everything had wilted The rain allows the refreshment of the air The rain brings freshness, [...]

How to bring God’s shower of blessings into my life2020-08-05T22:48:18+01:00

Winners chapel organizes shiloh


Shiloh 2020, from 08 to 13 th December 2020 Winners Chapel International organizes each year a prophetic meeting called Shiloh (Joshua 18: 1). It was in 1998 that the first edition of this activity took place. This year we are therefore in the 22 nd edition tagged TURNAROUND ENCOUNTERS. This year, the event will take place from 08 to 13 December 2020 at Canaanland, Nigeria which is the Headquarters of Winners' Chapel International and will be broadcasted live to all churches and viewing centers around the world. The event will also be broadcasted [...]

Winners chapel organizes shiloh2020-11-15T17:22:50+01:00

Consequences of marital infidelity


Consequences of marital infidelity  Illustration case of marital infidelity Mr. JJ has been married to Ms. PI for 15 good years. God blessed their marriage financially and gave them two handsome boys and a pretty girl having respectively 14, 12 and 5 years old. Everything was going well for this peaceful home until the day when Mr. JJ was called on a four-day service’s assignment out of his country. For a particular reason, he was obliged to return back home rather than expected. Just after arrived at airport, wanting to keep first in touch with his parents, he decided to visit them directly. To his great surprise he will find there his children without his wife. After talking a [...]

Consequences of marital infidelity2020-08-05T22:59:08+01:00

Consequences of corruption


Consequences of corruption Illustration case of corruption Mr. PK is a Chief Executive in a Government Agency in charge of assistance to natural disasters victims. According to the procedure, when a disaster occurs released funds must be handed to local officials of affected regions who distribute material to the population. Due to a disaster that occurred two days ago, this institution has decided to allocate 110.000 USD in favor of impacted population. Mr. MM, is the head of 20,000 people’s agglomeration all impacted by a violent storm that has provoked important material damages and many lives losses. Despite this gloomy picture, carried away by the desire for corruption Messrs. PK and MM agree to share and hold for themselves half of the funds [...]

Consequences of corruption2020-08-05T23:01:46+01:00

No One But You – Hillsong Worship


No one but You Hillsong Worship Buy Album Awake Share Lyrics PAROLES DE CHANSON Couplet 1: Qui peut fondre le cœur le plus dur Et parle la vie dans mon âme Qui peut faire tourner le monde autour Et me serre toujours près Couplet 2: Qui peut chercher dans les profondeurs de moi Et m'aime à la base Qui contrôle le monde que je vois Et me guide à travers tout ça REFRAIN: Personne sauf Toi Personne sauf Toi [...]

No One But You – Hillsong Worship2019-10-11T16:42:44+01:00

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