Lee’s testimony headled supernaturally from COVID19

It was two nights particularly in the hospital when I honnestly didn’t know whether I would make it or not.

Recently Lee was in hospital in critical condition with COVID19

I was under incredible pressure, Got drips up and all that they decided to do but I remember those nights particularly really crying out to the Lord and asked Him to help me.

And I asked Him to even supernaturally just do something that would encourage me and bring me through. I remember the next day I had a night from hell.  And you gotta understand this in the isolation ward, when no one else can get in, when no one else, no pastor, no friend, no family members, when no one else was allowed in, God sent a cleaner.

And all of a sudden this cleaner had come in and he was like a ray of sunshine. And he began to chat to me and he asked me how I was and he began to talk to me and say to me about hanging in there. And then we got to chatting and we got talking and he turned around and said to me that he was a missionnary in Nigeria for 14 years.  And he began to tell me how God has saved many many souls through his ministry.

And just these last couple of years he’d found himself back home in the Northen Ireland and he’s encouraging my heart and he’s telling me about souls and about the love of Jesus. And I’m just sitting going wow. When God needs to reach you He knows exactly who is the right person. And that moment of time it was a cleaner.

No one else could get in, God sent a cleaner. He left that day and then he says this as he stood at the door. He says, « Son, could I pray for you ? » And I says, ‘Absolutely’

And as he began to pray at the door, he couldn’t touch me. And as he began to pray at the door, he began to ask God the Holy Ghost to visit me. He began to ask God to heal my body and touch my lungs. He stood at the doorways and pleaded with God almighty to spare my life and to continue to use me. And then he left.

And what was incredible was that after he left, he periodically would walk past my window and give me a thumbs up. That night I remember I started to turn around. Coud it have been the prayer of a clraner ?

That night I began to desire a packet of prawn cocktail crisps, Tayto. And I asked the Lord because no one could get to me, I says, Lord, is it possible that you could get me a packet of prawn cocktail crisps and a can of coke ? » Because that night I began to turn.  The next morning, the cleaner came and brought in a bag and in that bag was two oranges, a can of coke, and a packet of prawn cocktail crips.

Don’t tell me that God doesn’t know, God knows our every need. He knows every desire.  And he just passed the bag thrugh the door, he couldn’t come in. And he just says, It’s a gift from the Lord. I sat up I had them crisps. Go is a God folks, who is personal. And he knows the deepest desires of our hearts and He knows what we have need of.

I want to encourage you today out there. God knows what you need of. He knows your heart’s desire. He is an incredible Savior. Never undestimate what God can do with you. Thank you that cleaner, you know who you are. If you ever see this, thank you for hearing the voice of God and reaching someone like me.

And for you that are saved, keep your eyes up on Him, turn your eyes upon Jesus.

And for you that doesn’t know Jesus Christ,  I would encourage you, lift up your eyes and look to heaven and with a cry from your heart, say God, be merciful to me, a sinner’,  and go home justified just as if you have never sinned.

May God bless you and may you know the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Ghost. What a Savior. Amen


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