Important to know

” If creation sings Your praise, So will I”

Hillsong Worship Group

Inspiring citations

“I don’t know music, I use music to express what I’m called for, I want to identify myself with those whom the Lord is seeking for: true worshipers ”

Alain MOLOTO, Groupe GAEL Music

“ In the setting of intimacy, when Praise says ‘blessed are you ‘ and thanksgiving says ‘thank you’, Adoration says ‘I love you’.”

Athoms MBUMA, Groupe GAEL Music

“As a child of God we have a responsibility, we must position ourselves to bring to Him lost souls, because on the day of the last judgment every Christian will have to answer to God …”

Dena Mwana, Worship Leader

“ I have done worship leading as my full time work , I know who I am in Christ no matter what people can say around me, I like to sing, I love Jesus, I like to encourage people to love him … ”

Taya Smith, Hillsong Worship Group

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