Evil is is still increasing and taking more scale with horrible consequences: good is taken for evil and evil for good. Because of spiritual blindness, some commit evil by choice assumed, others still do it unconsciously and remain subject to the forces of darkness.

Many condemn and judge but few dare to act to put an end to it. Decrying evil is one thing, making the decision to act boldly on the ground is another. In this crumbling world, every Christian is called to adopt the qualities of firefighters that are team spirit, courage, prudence, dedication, sense of sacrifice, perseverance, responsiveness, sportsmanship, Discipline and great availability to bring many to Jesus Christ, the light because there is urgency, the fire is already burning.

Through some illustrations cases that demonstrate the negative impact of sin as well as the divine response. Based on our young experience in evangelization, we share some barriers to overcome, biblical truths to know and some great tips to implement for anyone who wants to embark on evangelism because it is a matter for everyone according to the order of Jesus Christ.

Fruit of a year of research, reading, concentration, we strongly believe that by the grace of God, this book will bless anyone who reads it with an open heart and ready to learn.

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