1. Bring Many to Christ

So that they can experience redemption’s benefits.

For that, through sermons, songs and various contents that are published on this platform, our goal is that by God’s grace multitude decide to give up their life of sin and lead them to take the very crucial decision to follow and to be settled in Jesus Christ.

2. A Community of Passionnates

Iron sharpens iron, we are aiming to build a great family of gospel passionates.

We believe in the strength of a community, in the capacity for Christians to meet beyond our home churches, our skin color, our mother language for a common sake: salvation of lost souls. The strength of the Apostles face of persecution were based in their unity in faith, communion and sharing.

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3. Facilitate Sharing

Ignorance and lack of access to the right information is a real disaster.

Men ignorance is one of the things that made Jesus Christ cry (Luke 19: 41-42). Hence, we believe that sharing the word of knowledge is one of the things that holds the heart of Jesus Christ. The knowledge that delivers from chains of sin and darkness. To do this, we have put in place an integrated system to optimize electronic sharing.


Promotion of christian artistic works is one of our core activities.

  • Books – about evangelism, salvation, and discipleship training .

  • Magazines – about evangelism, salvation and discipleship training.

  • Specialized websites – of Churches, Streaming and various useful contents .

  • Events– concerts, conferences, special services.

  • Music – praise, worship, news.


“Continue to love Jesus-Christ even its can cost your life”


“Dominion of light over darkness is instant and unquestionable”

Bishop DAVID OYEDEPO, Winners Chapel Int'l

“The cross shows us the gravity of our sin – but it also shows us the immeasurable love of God.”

Doctor BILLY GRAHAM, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“Our goal as a Christian is that our light shines by bringing the good news to sinners”

Doctor T. L. OSBORN, International Gospel Center

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