Shiloh 2020, from 08 to 13 th December 2020

Winners Chapel International organizes each year a prophetic meeting called Shiloh (Joshua 18: 1). It was in 1998 that the first edition of this activity took place. This year we are therefore in the 22 nd edition tagged TURNAROUND ENCOUNTERS.

This year, the event will take place from 08 to 13 December 2020 at Canaanland, Nigeria which is the Headquarters of Winners’ Chapel International and will be broadcasted live to all churches and viewing centers around the world. The event will also be broadcasted online through the various platforms of social media.

Shiloh is above all a prophetic encounter where the people of God come into possession of their inheritance in Christ by the word of God.

Since its first edition, God has been manifesting himself in the midst of his people by miracles, signs and wonders. Testimonies of marital breakthroughs, in business, in careers, in health, in studies and in many other fields.

Follow this excerpt from Bishop David Oyedepo’s invitation to this event.

As it is written : And the Lord appeared again in Shiloh : for the Lord revealed himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the word of the Lord.’’ 1 Samuel 3 :21

Also, as we would agree that God reserves a right place to determine where He wants to meet His people ; because He is the Most High.

For exemple, God said to Abraham :get up, take your son Isaac to mountain that I will show you and offer him unto me for a burnt offereing (Gen 22 :1-3)

But it took Abraham a 3-day journey to get that place and there he met God, who swore a generational blessing on him (Gen 22 :17-18)

This shows that most encounters with God are usually at cost.

If God want you meet with you on ground at Shiloh in Canaanland, you better get there !


Testimonies of Shiloh


25 years sinusitus healed !

‘’I had been suffering sinusitus for 25 years. I was not breathing well, and had a runny nose on daily basis. I joined this commission on september 30,2010. Then I came to Shilo ground, because of these protacted challenges. On Friday, during the Shiloh mantle impartation service, the Bishop gave us the mantle, saying we should place it on handkerchiefs and our foreheads. I just place the mantle on my handkerchief and on my nose. As I did it, I told God, I knew he would heal me. That was it ! The following day, I noticed that I was feeling anything again, till now, God healed me ! I give Him all the glory !’’ Ijeoma N.

Strange eye desease healed !

‘’I was heat by strange disease on my eyes, My eyes had been aching me since last year. After joigning this commission in April 2010, I made up my mind to attend Shiloh. I settle on Shiloh ground because I came all the way from Kenya. During the Shiloh mantle service, I took the mantle and place it on my face.  Immediately all the scars that were on my face dried up ! The ache stopped ! I can clearly see now !’’ John K. from Winners Chapel Kenya

Bishop David Oyedepo

15 Years Impotence gone !

In 1998, I discovered that I had an erectile dysfunction, which later become full blown impotence. Since then I had been believing God for my healing.

I’d been so many places and hospitals for treatment, but all to avail. However, something within me kept telling me that as long as God lives, things would be okay.

Because of this callenge, I came to Shiloh to seek the face of God. So I stayed on the ground Canaan Land. The Bishop laid hands on me and hep raid that I be delivered from assault. I was filled with the joy and I gave thanks to God. At the end of Shiloh, befor I got to the gate, erection took place. I came to give thanks to God!’’ Oselokhale I.

In conclusion, As I  often said, ‘Obedience may be costly but end result is priceless’. Every outstanding encounter is always in response to man’s obedience (John 2 :5).

Abraham became the father of nations  by passing the various tests of obedience as we found in Genesis chapter 12 all the way to chapter 22.

If the Spirit of Go is impressing your heart to be on the ground of Shiloh, never allow anything to deter you because a change of story must be awaiting you.

You are the next in line for a turnaround encounter at Shiloh 2019.

Bishop David Oyedepo


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